Do More than Just Manage

Your residential or commercial property brings day-to-day demands and frustrations, of course, but you're getting by.

Engage the Bermuda Realty Property Management Team, however, and you'll do more than just manage. Let the professionals manage your residential or commercial property and take your investment to a new level.

Boost Profitability, Build Equity

Our professional property managers offer experience, resources, training and contacts. We can protect and build your property's equity, working to maximise occupancy, revenue and cash flow, while simultaneously minimising expenses.

The volume of our property management business, for example, gives us the experience to recognise high-quality work and then negotiate competitive vendor contracts. You gain cost-effective access to Bermuda's most qualified vendors.

You also can draw on Bermuda Realty's experience to fine-tune that engine of cash-flow, rent. Rely on us to establish rental rates that balance vacancy rates with market demand.

Reduce Hassles and Increase Tenant Satisfaction and Retention

The other benefit of engaging a professional manager for your property is that he or she is not you.

With Bermuda Realty handling property management for you, someone else is dealing with tenants, collecting rents, fielding difficult questions and suffering complaints.

Even so, you can take comfort, knowing your tenants are receiving full attention to their satisfaction and retention. Property owners and tenants especially value the Property Management Team's 365/24/7 availability.

Integrated, Strategic Approach

Experience, integrated with the capabilities only a full-service firm can offer, lets us take the long view. Focusing on strategy and property equity, we can determine the most cost-effective times to enhance appearance, fortify structural condition and increase desirability.
Plus, we can use the overall strategy to guide support services that can include market intelligence, appraisals, marketing and accounting.

It all comes together to help us to ensure you are netting a consistent return on your investment.

Specialists in Residential and Commercial Property Management

We take our in-depth knowledge of property management an additional step, specialising further in the management of both residential and commercial property. Besides issues shared by most large properties, managing residential and commercial property each brings additional, unique issues.

Commercial Property Management must take into account such issues specific to commercial property as account service charges and the administration of complex and specific leases. More

Residential Property Management encompasses issues unique to residential property such as tenant communication and addressing the needs of absentee owners. More

Condominium Property Management helps the condominium association charged with the day-to-day operation of the complex keep everything running smoothly. More

Contact the Bermuda Realty Property Management Team now to learn more about how you can start reducing the hassle and increasing the profitability of all your real estate holdings.