Lending Appraisal Service

Bermuda Realty's lending appraisal service moves as fast as Bermuda's real estate market. We provide this service to banks and other lenders so they may respond to customers with timely replies to loan applications. After all, a swift and accurate appraisal can shorten the time to moving day or get a home improvement project started sooner.

While others may promise a similar service, Bermuda Realty's lending appraisal service stands apart.

Guaranteed prompt turnaround, banks have the report shortly after the date of inspection (which, depending on owner availability, may take about a day to schedule).

Bermuda Realty's internal certification process differentiates our professionals in a line of work that does not require any special training or licensing.

The complete, written report arrives via email as a PDF file. Quickly followed by hand-delivered hard-copy, the report—which features photos, market information and more—surpasses the verbal reply that others might offer to fulfill their promise of timely service.

Open and ongoing communication that keeps clients informed during—and after—the appraisal's turnaround.

Contact Bermuda Realty Property Appraisals at helpdesk@brcl.bm now to start the clock on a lending appraisal.