Harrington Sound Waterfront Lot C

Listing 8544 / Hamilton Parish
  • $915,000
  • 0.75 acre

Having spectacular views of the Harrington Sound, this 0.75 acre waterfront, lot of land is waiting for you to design and build your dream home. With views of Trunk Island and the sun rising over the eastern hillside of Hamilton & Smiths Parishes, reflected on the waters of the Harrington Sound, you will own the largest collection of sunrise photographs. You can swim from the property and wade in the shallow waters while the white sandy bottom carresses your toes. The total Residential area is 14,495 sq. ft. and the total development area is 5,888 sq.ft. The property is Zoned Residential 2, Woodland Reserve & Coastal Reserve.

  • Spectacular views of the Harrington Sound
  • 0.75 acre waterfront lot of land
  • Design and build your dream home
  • You can swim from the property

Listing Agent:
Ed Williams