Foreshore Encroachment Service Navigates Complex Regulations

For anyone who owns, hopes to sell, dreams of buying, or might provide financing for waterfront property, the regulations surrounding Bermuda's foreshore and seabed rights can be hard to navigate.

Rely on our Foreshore Encroachment Service to keep you from getting in over your head.

21-year foreshore lease

It's vital to remember that the Government of Bermuda has freehold title to the foreshore and seabed extending twelve nautical miles from the high-water mark. That means you do not have exclusive domain on your dock or jetty. In fact, these structures may make you liable for expensive fines and other penalties.

Fortunately, we can guide you through all the steps needed to regularise foreshore encroachment. We offer an expert understanding of the Public Lands Act. This act and other regulations require waterfront landowners to obtain a foreshore licence or foreshore sale, and to enter into a 21-year foreshore lease with the Ministry of Works and Engineering.

It's a process that can be long, involved and confusing. And, as the ministry steps up its enforcement of foreshore encroachment, the Bermuda Realty Foreshore Encroachment Service becomes ever more beneficial to owners of waterfront commercial and residential property.

Contact the Bermuda Realty Foreshore Encroachment Service now to avoid costly fines and other penalties.