Commercial Property Management

Adding to its property management expertise, Bermuda Realty offers dedicated commercial property managers who specialize in the management of commercial property.

Balancing service charges can seem like an impossible mix of advanced calculus and voodoo - if you lack Bermuda Realty's commercial property management expertise. We can find the balance that brings long-term financial success. Our comprehensive knowledge of service charges helps us make sense of percentage variances between actual and budgeted costs. By accurately anticipating expenses, we avert the refunds that can dam-up cash-flow and we avoid shocking tenants with additional charges at year's end.

Lease administration, expertly and tactfully conducted by your professional property manager, together with Coldwell Banker Commercial, ensures adherence to the tenant and landlord covenants, as established by the relevant lease agreements. The commercial property manager's duties can extend to negotiating leases and working with legal counsel to prepare and execute relevant documents.

Contact Bermuda Realty Property Management now to learn more about how you can meet the special challenges of managing commercial property.