How to Get Your Bermuda Luxury Home Sold

If you are ready to sell your Bermuda luxury home, it may be a new experience for you if you have never sold a home before or your last home sale wasn’t a luxury Bermuda Realty home. Buyers of luxury homes often have different expectations than the average home buyer. Preparing your home with this in mind will ensure a smoother process and that your home appeals to those that are coming to look at it. To appeal to luxury home buyers, you will need to be extremely attentive to detail and will need the assistance of a Bermuda real estate agent with experience in luxury home sales.

Making Preparations

It is common practice to clean a property prior to showing. With a luxury property, it’s not enough just to clean the home; it needs the white glove treatment. Every little detail must be perfect, so you may want to hire a professional cleaning crew to go over the property with the proverbial fine-toothed comb.

If you don’t regularly use professional landscapers, this would be a good time to have them do a refresh of your yard. Landscaping can require time to make things look their best so if your yard is far from perfect, allow time to get it the way you want it. Depending on the season, your grass, trees and flowers may not be growing so some things can’t be changed until things are growing and blooming again.

It is also a good idea to have your home professionally staged. Staging is the process of using furniture, artwork and other embellishments to create a look that is appealing to the discerning luxury home buyer. It may replace some of your furniture with new and often rearranges things to create spaces that will help buyers envision themselves in your home. While your furnishings should like nice, the goal is to help buyers see your homes and any furnishings that distract buyers from seeing the home itself need to be changed. Studies have shown that luxury home sellers typically sell their home from between five to 20 percent more than those that do not go through the staging process.

Professional Media Most luxury home buyers – or their agents – begin the home search online, and the only thing they have to judge a property by is a photo. This is why Bermuda Realty has their own professional in-house photographers.  Our  photographers take pride in capturing the highlights of every home so that it will stand out and entice buyers to want to schedule a showing..

Many sellers will opt to have professional video incorporated into their marketing. Luxury properties are unique and possess so many distinctive architectural features and amenities that it may be hard to capture everything with still photography. It will pay off in the end to have the video recorded and edited by a professional.  At Bermuda Realty we offer  our home owners the talent of videographers.  When we discuss your property we will offer you options in videography. 

Luxury Marketing The pool of buyers for luxury properties is smaller than other properties so it is important that your home is exposed to as many people as possible to find the right buyer. Talk to your agent about the marketing they will do to expose your home to luxury home buyers.   A large number of luxury property buyers live outside of the United States as well so make sure your property will have global exposure too.  

Showings of your Home It is important to allow all possible showings of your home even if they aren’t convenient. You never know when the right buyer will schedule an appointment so consider all showings to be important and try to accommodate as many as you can. Some luxury homes take a while to sale so plan for that and then you can be pleasantly surprised if it sells faster.

Having an expert real estate agent at your side will make showing your home much easier. Your agent will handle all the showings, and it is normally better for both parties if the owner is not present while the house is being shown.

Hard work pays off so we ensure that your home receives the exposure it deserves.  Contact us today if you are ready to sell your home. We will be happy to go over any questions you may have and help you determine your home’s value.

When you are ready to buy or sell your Bermuda home we welcome the opportunity to share the latest market trends and discuss your real estate goals to achieve the results you need and want.  

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