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As Bermuda's largest, full services real estate organisation we strive to respond to the changing demands in our marketplace and pride ourselves on our commitment to professionalism. Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty was named the #1 company in its size category in 2002 out of more than 700 COLDWELL BANKER offices from around the world and became a member of the Coldwell Banker Chairman's Circle in 2004. We wish to thank all of those who helped us to reach this great achievement! Our Professional Services and Real Estate Divisions are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Residential Real Estate Sales
  • Commercial Real Estate Sales
  • Land Surveying
  • Valuation Surveying
  • Property Management
  • Residential Rentals
  • Relocation Services
  • Vacation Property Services
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Auctioneering
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Ahmad joined our Bermuda Realty Property Management Team in 2016. He has been managing residential properties since 2012 and did so firstly in Toronto, Canada and then in Bermuda upon returning to the Island in 2015. Ahmad approaches each task with enthusiasm and a strong desire to build upon his sincere interest in and passion for the Property Management Industry. He is professional but comfortable and at ease when dealing with his landlord clients and their tenants. Ahmad works hard to meet and exceed the standards required by owners of residential properties. Ahmad is always happy to help in anyway so feel free to contact him to discuss your property.

Ahad, Ahmad Management Services Representative 441-247-1834 Professional Services ahmad.jpg 441-247-1834

Adam's career in real estate began with Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty in 2004 and continues to be enriched by Coldwell Banker's ongoing training program. Adam has also benefited greatly from the Company's mentoring program, through which he has acquired the necessary skills required for today's active real estate market. Adam's experience as a mentee has made him a versatile agent; his experience ranges from advising developers to showing luxury listings across Bermuda. Adam has achieved several company designations, including 'City Living Specialist' and 'Luxury Previews Specialist'. In 2009 Adam was the recipient of the 'President’s Award', which is awarded to the colleague that displays a positive attitude, professionalism, commitment to the company and self-sufficiency in his/her work. As a dedicated Rental Representative, Adam is highly motivated and is prepared to help you with any aspect of renting in Bermuda.

Birch, Adam Rental Representative 441-247-1826 Agency adam.png 441-247-1826

Karen, as a dedicated member of our Sales Team, offers more than 15 years of experience in the business. Designated as one of the Coldwell Banker President's Elite, Karen's success can be attributed to her motivation and organizational skills. Her latest real estate challenge finds Karen in the vacation services arena, assisting luxury home owners and guests to make their stay in Bermuda a dream.

No matter what the activity, Karen's commitment to her customers and clients is overwhelming - 100% and then some! She quotes "The worst bankruptcy in the world is the person who has lost his enthusiasm", H.W. Arnold. Karen looks forward to working with you someday soon.

Brine, Karen Sales Representative 441-247-1806 Vacations, Agency karenb.jpg 441-247-1806

Lynne brings to the position of Vacation Consultant a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through her own extensive worldwide travels, plus a valuable in-depth knowledge of local customs and practices. As well as her background and experience working with Bermuda's international businesses, she has also found time to work in the Spa industry and for one of Bermuda's leading interior design companies. A one time Marketing Manager for one of England's largest garden and retail centers, Lynne also spent several years as a Partner and Senior Account Director for a UK design and marketing agency. During this period back in the Cotswolds area of the UK, Lynne also developed a healthy respect and love for West Highland White Terriers. Committed to the highest standards of customer care, Lynne is very much aware of what makes a happy holiday, from helping you to choose the right home for you and your family to recommending the best restaurants. Above all, she enjoys working with people and bringing her superb organizational skills, friendly and cheerful disposition to the task of ensuring that your vacation is relaxed, totally enjoyable and picture perfect.

Burns, Lynne Vacation Services Specialist 441-292-1793 Vacations lynneb.jpg 441-292-1793

Heather has nearly 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, primarily in the residential sales market. In the past she has earned the Presidents Elite Award at the Coldwell Banker International Business “Gen Blue” conference. This award is limited to only the top 4% of Coldwell Banker Corporation Sales Associates worldwide. Ms. Chilvers is a worthy recipient of the Presidents Elite Award said Alex Perriello President and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate corporation. Her efforts exemplify great expertise in the real estate industry and dedication to helping customers. At a time when home ownership is so important to people, the service that Heather provides is a significant reason why Coldwell Banker is the first choice for home buyers and sellers.

Heather has been resident in Bermuda for more than 35 years and is extremely knowledgeable regarding the local property market. “I have met delightful people through my work. I love it, no two days are ever exactly the same” she says “Unlike most people, when I get up, I look forward to going into the office and getting all my deals going, it's exciting!” Heather lives in Paget Parish and is actively involved in the community, volunteering for causes such as: St. John’s Ambulance, The Bermuda Spirit Sail Training Vessel, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute and others. She enjoys walking, gym, yoga, gardening, animals, sailing and travel. She has two grown children. Her enthusiasm and energy bubble over into her Real Estate work – “We were thrilled with the service we were given” said one couple, after she had sold their home and found them another one all in the space of two weeks!

Chilvers, Heather Sales Representative 441-247-1808 Agency heatherc.jpg 441-247-1808

Mike joined Bermuda Realty in 2004 having served just over 25 years in the Bermuda Police Service. Originally from the UK, he was educated and raised in Bolton before completing his education at Bangor Teacher Training College, North Wales. Mike retired from the Police Force as an Inspector and his career included long attachments to the Criminal Investigation Dept, Child Protection Unit and for the last three years the Training Dept. He is the recipient of three Commissioners Commendations and numerous letters of good work. Mike is currently responsible for a varied portfolio of property management, including some of Bermuda's largest condominium developments. He is also a licesned real estate representative. His attention to detail and investigative skills are sure to be an asset. Mike keeps in shape by running on a regular basis having completed three Bermuda Day Marathons [the last one being in 2004]. He played rugby for the Police team for approximately 15 years however, he has now swapped his rugby boots for a hockey stick.

Chlebek, Mike Management Services Representative 441-247-1835 Professional Services mike.jpg 441-247-1835

After four successful years working for two luxury Bermuda Resorts, Rosewood Tucker's Point and The Reefs Resort and Spa, Rachael took her invaluable experience, and launched a rewarding career path in real estate. "Real estate is a dynamic industry with an energy like no other. I've been immersed in Commercial real estate for the past three years, and I really enjoy interacting with the variety of clients, from small-business entrepreneurs to major corporate companies." Rachael's clients appreciate her extensive industry knowledge, personable approach and perseverance. She finds it incredibly rewarding meeting new people and building client relationships.

Rachael joined Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty in 2019 and is able to assist customers and clients in all areas of real estate including Commercial sales leasing plus Residential sales and rentals.

She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Hospitality Management and is a certified Bermuda Blue Flag Ambassador. She is extremely invested in her community, being a member of the Bermuda Volleyball Association and volunteering at CATs Bermuda and the SPCA. Rachael also enjoys traveling, boating and hiking along Bermuda's railroad trails.

Correia, Rachael Commercial Representative 441-247-1825 Commercial rcorreia.png 441-247-1825

Sales Representative

Michael recently joined Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty as a Sales Representative, after many years working as an Accountant in both the exempted company industry as well as local business. He is a graduate of St Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and completed the CA program with the Institute of Nova Scotia (Canada). He passed his Real estate exam in November 2013.

Michael is the President of the Bermuda Kennel Club and was a breeder for many years. He is the Treasurer of the Bermuda War Veterans Association and a member of Age Concern. He brings with him a vast amount of knowledge in the building industry having worked in the window and door industry for 13 years and in air-conditioning for 5 years. Michael enjoys meeting new people, forging new relationships, and giving great service. He is ready to work hard for buyers and sellers to insure that their goals and aspirations are realised.

deFontes, Michael Sales Representative 441-247-1817 Agency michaeld.jpg 441-247-1817

Sarah Faiella received her Real Estate Salesman’s License in 2010 and began her real estate career with Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty this same year as a Residential Property Manager. In 2012 she transitioned into the Agency Department as a Real Estate Assistant where she worked alongside the President and Agency Manager on sales listings and other special projects. This training role was created to support active involvement in the sales listing, marketing and completion process, designed to provide Sarah with the experience; skills and knowledge needed to attain her ultimate goal as a Sales Representative. In January of 2015 Sarah became a full-time Sales Representative. She is working hard and looking forward to a successful career in property sales.

Sarah is a graduate of Dalhousie University, Canada. She also sits on the BEPRO (Bermuda’s Emerging Professionals) Board as the Deputy Chair and Community Director.

Faiella, Sarah Sales Representative 441-247-1832 Agency sarah2010_small.jpg 441-247-1832

A love of both Bermuda properties and Sales lead Tab to a career in real estate in 1998. His previous experience in the construction business including installation of cabinetry, interior and exterior painting plus new building construction has been an invaluable asset as his career has developed.

Tab has worked with both local and overseas buyers and sellers in all areas of real estate, including residential and commercial; income and hospitality. He has built a varied clientele over the years and prides himself on finding just the right fit in complex transactions.

Froud, Tab Sales Representative 441-247-1812 Agency tabfroud.jpg 441-247-1812
Florence served as the Personal Assistant to Ian Waddington, for seventeen years. She currently is acting in the capacity of Land Survey Co-ordinator for Bermuda Land Surveys. She has a wealth of knowledge of the archival plans held by the Company. Before coming to Bermuda in 1982 Florence was employed as Secretary to The Chief Estates Surveyor of The Northumbrian Water Authority. Over the past thirty years Florence has work with Land Surveyors, Building Surveyors and Quantity Surveyors and more recently expanded her knowledge in the various departments with the Company from the Accounts Department to Appraisals and Property Management, assisting in an administrative role. She is a valuable member of the team and is always happy to assist. Gillis, Florence Land Survey Co-ordinator 441-247-1845 Corporate, Professional Services florence.jpg 441-247-1845

After a hiatus overseas, Angie Gonsalves-Lodge returns as an Agent at Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty.

With more than twenty years of real estate experience and the winner of numerous awards in the industry, Angie is eager to resume assisting both former and new customers in their search for the perfect island property, whether it be their dream home or a future investment opportunity.

Angie’s real estate career began with LP Gutteridge Real Estate, a company which merged with Bermuda Realty. Well-known for her expertise in the residential market and as a consummate negotiator, she has been recognized as a Best of Bermuda Real Estate awardee. Angie was also well-known in the community through her involvement as a political correspondent for VSB Radio and TV News.

For the past few years, Angie and her family resided in the Dominican Republic, immersing themselves in a different culture and taking advantage of the wonderfully active lifestyle it offers. They are happy to be back in Bermuda and we welcome Angie back to the Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty team.

Gonsalves-Lodge, Angie Sales Representative 441 247-1809 Agency angie.jpg 441 247-1809

Myles joined the company in May 1991 as a Land Surveyor's Assistant, and has pursued a growing career in Land Survey. He worked for 10 years learning every aspect of thejob from how to prepare and conduct a full Field survey to calculating boundaries and drafting plans in the office.

Myles has successfully built his reputation as a Registered Surveyor at the forefront of the new generation of Bermudian Land Surveyors and is an integral member of the Bermuda Land Surveys Team, through hard work and determination.

Gibbons, Myles Land Surveyor 441-247-1857 Professional Services 441-247-1857
Angela joined Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty in October 2005 after working in the Hospitality Industry for 6 years. As a Sales Assistant, she was the driving force behind much of the success of the Sales representatives that she supported. Angela moved to a position as a Residential Property Manager in 2009 and was promoted to Senior Residential Property Manager in 2012. As a Property Manager, she was responsible for overseeing the management of a portfolio exceeding 200 residential properties. Coldwell Banker is excited to have Angela back in the Sales Department but this time in a role that she was made for, Sales Agent! In addition to a charismatic personality, she has a working knowledge of the real estate industry. Her experience in Property Management gives her an edge over many sales representatives as she has ¬successfully negotiated many difficult situations in the past 7 years. This combined with her organizational skills makes Angela the agent you will want to hire. Hanwell, Angela Sales Representative 441-247-1833 Agency angies.png 441-247-1833
Fiona has been an integral part of the Company for almost three decades. Her integrity, dedication and expertise, has resulted in her great success as one of the leaders in Bermuda's real estate field. Fiona’s dedication to excellence is recognised by such prestigious awards as the Coldwell Banker International President's Premier, International President's Elite, Top Island Affiliate Sales Representative and designation as a Certified International Property Specialist. IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO SELL............ Fiona can assist in determining your property's worth in today's market and develop an individual marketing plan to sell your property, minimizing the selling time and maximizing your profits. IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO PURCHASE.......... Fiona will research the market based on your specific requirements and present you with a selection of houses that fit your budget and guide you through a step-by-step process to simplify the intricate real estate maze. Fiona not only helps her clients and customers achieve their dream, but educates them on the benefits of home ownership and is committed to making home ownership a reality for you. Hatfield, Fiona Sales Representative 441-247-1813 Agency fiona.jpg 441-247-1813
Karen joined Bermuda Realty in 2014. She holds an Associate’s Degree from Bermuda Collage (2013) and is currently studying for the BBA program. Karen has worked in the accounting field throughout her career and enjoys the challenge of problem solving the field brings to her daily work. She looks forward to servicing customer queries at Bermuda Realty. Hayes, Karen Accountant 441-247-1843 Corporate 441-247-1843
Jack Kripl, a Certified International Property Specialist, has recently earned membership in the Coldwell Banker's International “President's Premier”. Jack was recognized for this achievement at the company's International Business Conference held in San Diego, CA. “The International President's Premier designation is the highest honor a Coldwell Banker Sales Representative can receive,” said Alex Perriello, CEO of Cendant's Real Estate Division. “Jack Kripl has demonstrated superior sales performance and outstanding customer service. He is truly a credit to the Coldwell Banker worldwide network” Only 955 representatives around the globe earned this prestigious honor - placing Jack in the top 1% of Coldwell Banker Representatives world wide. He is also member of the National Association of Realtors. (NAR). Kripl, Jack Sales Representative 441-247-1815 Agency jack.jpg 441-247-1815
David joined the Company's Survey Department in 1981. He is currently the Senior Surveyor responsible for the Survey Department of Bermuda Realty. David is a Registered Land Surveyor and has over 32 years’ experience of land surveying in Bermuda. Projects include boundary surveys, topographical surveys, building setting out, excavation and site works, subdivisions, preparation of new legal plans for Deed purposes and other matters involving the Government's Planning Department. David holds a membership with the United Kingdom's Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and is a past member of the Bermuda Surveyors Council. He is also a licensed Real Estate Salesperson. Kuhn, David Senior Land Surveyor 441-247-1856 Professional Services david.jpg 441-247-1856

Brian has been in the real estate business since 1990. Originally employed by The Bank of Bermuda’s Real Estate Division providing appraisal, management and commercial real estate services; he was instrumental in the merger between two highly respected real estate brokerage firms in 2000, becoming a significant shareholder in Bermuda Realty Company Limited which is Bermuda’s largest full service real estate firm.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Urban Land Economics from Sheffield Hallam University. He is an Associate Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (1993); and recipient of several awards within the Coldwell Banker network, namely the Coldwell Banker Diamond Society Award (2002); the Coldwell Banker International Presidents Circle Award (2003/2011); and the Coldwell Banker International President’s Elite (2004 – 2007). In 2012 Brian was nominated for the Chandler Barton Spirit Award. This prestigious award, bestowed by Bermuda Realty’s global affiliate organization Coldwell Banker Real Estate, is presented annually to an individual who exhibits professionalism; tenacity; positive attitude; honesty and integrity; dedication to their business and overall success; and a strong market presence and continued strategic growth.

Madeiros, Brian President & CEO 441-247-1801 Agency, Corporate brianm.jpg 441-247-1801
Clare is excited to be part of the very successful team at Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty. Her past work experience has set her up well. When working at Appleby Spurling and Kempe, she dedicated herself to the attention to detail required and the organization skills to work to strict deadlines. She also had the same set of values enhanced while consulting for Hamilton Trust Company and assisting in their compliance set up. Clare worked for the private jet company, Longtail Aviation Ltd., as Retail Charter Sales Manager, where client satisfaction and providing unbeatable service were key to her success. Marshall, Clare Sales Representative 441-247-1829 Agency clarem.jpg 441-247-1829

Paul Matthews joined Bermuda Realty in 1996 as one of the Company’s Principal Chartered Surveyors. Today he is the Manager of the Professional Services Department which provides the following services to clients: appraisals, property management (for condominiums, residential and commercial) and land surveying services.

Before coming to Bermuda, Paul practiced in the private sector in London, offering strategic Valuation and Investment advice to Lovell, a nationwide property developer. In Bermuda, he was employed by the Government of Bermuda for 6 years in the management of real estate holdings, and in his final position, specialised in the management of the Government's commercial property portfolio.

Paul was educated in England and received an Honours Degree in Urban Land Economics from Sheffield Hallam University. He subsequently attained the designation of Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Paul is a Registered Surveyor in Bermuda (RSurv.) and is professionally qualified as a Residential Management Professional (RMP) and is a member of NARPM. He also is a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) and is a member of the Community Associations Institute.

Matthews, Paul Professional Services Manager 441-247-1830 Professional Services paulm.jpg 441-247-1830
Rob Newton joined the Professional Services Team in 2004. Rob is a Member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (M.R.I.C.S.) and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Urban Land Economics gained in 1989 from Sheffield Hallam University (U.K.). He has more than 20 years post-qualification experience in professional property dealings including such disciplines as valuation, management, development, investment and agency. Immediately prior to coming to Bermuda, Rob was Lead Director of Lambert Smith Hampton's Shffield Office, overseeing 15 fee earners and as many support staff. L.S.H. are one of the top 5 U.K. players in the Commercial property Market and have the widest geographical coverage of any practice in the U.K. with 27 offices. Previously, Rob gained valuable experience working for the Government here in Bermuda. Rob's focus for the past 10 years in Bermuda has been on valuation of commercial and residential properties; as well as commercial property management, research and consultancy. Newton, Rob Senior Valuer and Property Manager 441-247-1836 Professional Services robn.jpg 441-247-1836
Winifred joined Jones Waddington Ltd. in 1987 and has been instrumental in the development of the company. Prior to entering the real estate business she spent several years working in the international realm of exempted companies. Winifred offers a thorough understanding of accounting concepts and computer applications. Formerly the Corporate Controller, Winifred administers residential and commercial property management accounting functions and specialised in the development of financial management systems for condominium developments. Winifred holds her Real Estate Salesperson's License and has also passed her Broker's exam. Peniston, Winifred Senior Accountant 441-247-1841 Corporate winifred.jpg 441-247-1841

Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Babson College, Babson Park, Massachusetts. He joined Coldwell Banker Commercial in January, 2004 following 5 years in the residential sector. While in the residential market he represented his agency as a member of the Real Estate Division of the Chamber of Commerce from 2000 and was elected Chairman of the division in 2003 and re-elected for 2004.

Before his career in Real Estate, Scott spent most of his professional life based in Bermuda, in reinsurance and banking and understands the demands and priorities of businesses based in Bermuda and their international parents. He has valued landlord, prospect and legal relationships and has completed significant leasing placements in major buildings in Hamilton including The Waterfront, Waterloo House, 141 Front Street, Maiden House and Washington House, to name a few. Recent notable sales include the Ram Re Building, now Ideation House, and the former Sportsman’s Shop, both in Hamilton.

Scott’s other interests include motorcycle riding, boating, flying, music, art and travel. He is the holder of a US Private Pilot’s License, Vice President of the Bermuda Long Riders Motorcycle Club, and a member of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, where he is on the Dock Committee, and former Commodore of the Bermuda Offshore Cruising Association.

Powell, Scott Commercial Representative (441) 536-7399 Commercial scott.jpg (441) 536-7399
Ann joined LPG Ltd. in 1981 as front desk receptionist. During that time she assisted many clients on a daily basis and assisted in the travel and insurance departments. In 1996 she transferred to the Rental Department of Bermuda Realty Co. Ltd. Ann's professional approach and caring manner are a definite asset in this business and make her the perfect first point of contact for all of our customers and clients. For many years Ann served on the committee of the Bermuda Suzuki Association and helped out as a volunteer at Windreach. Ann's hobbies are reading, walking, travelling and sailing. Rego, Ann Receptionist 441-292-1793 Corporate anne2.jpg 441-292-1793
Kenneth joined Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty in 2000, as the Sales Transaction Co-ordinator. Prior to that, he worked for a number of other establishments, such as the Bermuda Regiment and Capital G, from which he obtained the ability to work with all walks of life in Bermuda. Kenneth works with a high level of professionalism, eye on detail, confidentially and an attitude to support "getting the job done under tight deadlines". Also, he believes in going the extra distance to meet his client's needs which was reflected in 2006 at the Coldwell Banker International Business Conference, when Kenneth received the Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates "Above and Beyond Award" for donating school supplies to a number of students who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Obtaining his Real Estate Salesman's License in 2010, Kenneth now looks forward to entering the field of residential rentals and assisting Bermuda's Landlords and Tenants. Richardson, Kenneth Rental Representative 441-247-1827 Agency krich.jpg 441-247-1827
Lamar started working Bermuda Realty in October 2013. He is now our Professional Services Technician providing on-site support to our Property Managers and also re-negotiating leases with existing tenants in our residential portfolio. Richardson, Lamar Professional Services Technician 441-247-1848 Professional Services lamar.png 441-247-1848

Prior to joining the team at Bermuda Realty, Dennis had more than a decade of experience with GL Construction as Property Manager and Construction Manager. Responsibilities included managing all GL-owned properties and responding to tenant needs, as well as managing construction sites for developments including Ten Dundonald, Six Dundonald, Loughlands and Grand Atlantic. Previous to this, Dennis spent 12 years in retail management, 8 years as General Manager of Eurotile and 4 years as Sales Manager at Pembroke Tile. He also served the community for 7 years as a member of the Bermuda Reserve Police, climbing the ranks to Police Inspector in St. George’s.

Dennis brings a unique combination of skills to the field of property management as he possesses extensive technical knowledge of construction to address building management problems, together with the interpersonal, social and management skills required to address all the details of managing property by ensuring cooperation, confidence and timely action.

Rodrigues, Dennis Condominium and Commercial Property Manager 441-247-1846 Professional Services 441-247-1846
In 1982, Jennifer started with LPG Ltd. in the Commercial Property Management Department assisting the Property Manager in the management of Condominiums and Office Buildings. She later moved to the Residential Rental Department and obtained her Real Estate license in 1983. Jennifer served as the Administrative Assistant to the Rental Manager for fifteen years, assisting him with the daily running of the overall department. Jennifer has broadened her role to include the Sales Department and has served as Executive Assistant to both Arthur Jones, (retired) Real Estate Director and the current Broker/Managing Director Brian Madeiros. Jennifer graduated from Mount Saint Agnes Academy and is married with two adult children. She likes boating and reading. Sims, Jennifer Executive Assistant 441-247-1803 Agency, Corporate 441-247-1803

Graham is a graduate of The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. For 18 years he was a Buyer/Director of a major department store in Bermuda. He joined Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty in November, 2000 as a dedicated Commercial Representative, having passed his Real Estate exam in October 1999. Graham brings a strong tradition of customer service to the team which enables him to understand the needs of clients and customers. While Graham has been involved in all aspects of Commercial Real Estate over the past 9 years, his main focus has been in the office leasing market where he has specialised in Landlord representation. He has marketed several new office buildings in the City of Hamilton including The Maxwell Roberts Building on Church Street, Andrews Place, Church Street, 19 Par-la-Ville Road, 131 Front Street, Milner Place, Powerhouse at 7 Par-la-ville Road, 141 Front Street and Waterloo House. He has also found tenants for many existing City office buildings such as Mintflower Place on Par-la-Ville Road, Sterling House and Chevron House on Wesley Street, Washington Mall on Reid Street, XL North Tower on Bermudiana Road. He prides himself in always going the extra mile for the customer and looks forward to assisting clients in the complex business of Commercial Real Estate. Consistently for more than a decade, Graham has been honoured as the #1 Commercial Representative in the Coldwell Banker Island Affiliate Region.

Over the past 6 years Graham has also been recognised for achieving Gross Commission Income within the top 3% of all Worldwide Coldwell Banker Representatives.

Smith, Graham Commercial Representative 441-247-1824 Commercial graham.jpg 441-247-1824

Jason Smith started as a Land Surveyor's Assistant in June of 2007. Over the years, being immersed in the world of surveying, he has developed the skills and experience that are used by surveyors in the jobs that they perform.

Taking part in every survey, he works the instrument and the data collector; staking out boundaries for properties, lots, and even grid-lines for large construction sites. He has done work with the new TCD site, as well as the new pool at the National Stadium to name a few.

Tall cliffs, dense woodlands, marshes, beaches, and even caves all of these have been part of his trek in the land of surveying. Over the years to come, he will continue to build his skills and experience, and will earn his way to becoming a registered surveyor.

Smith, Jason Land Survey Assistant 441-247-1858 Professional Services 441-247-1858
Suzanne was educated in the UK, gaining a bachelor honours degree in Management Science from Loughborough University and subsequent Diploma in Surveying from the College of Estate Management, Reading. She has practised in the public sector in the UK for five years where she gained her professional status as a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Her previous work involved specialising in leasehold management, including rent reviews, property management and lease negotiation as well as valuation and sales of development sites. She brings with her to Bermuda a dedication to customer service and a good eye for detail. Stones, Suzanne Appraisal Services Specialist 441-247-1837 Professional Services sstones.png 441-247-1837
After 18 years in the Insurance Industry, Rochelle joined our Sales Team bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired as an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Having also spent many years as a Personal Buyer of lady's clothing for an extremely varied clientele, she also understands the importance of listening to and respecting the needs of the individual. Rochelle is confident that the management and administrative skills acquired and developed over the years have equipped her to efficiently service the needs of her new clients and customers in the Real Estate Industry. Integrity, Efficiency and Professionalism are the attributes that guard her work ethic and she is excited about providing you with the quality service that you deserve. Swan, Rochelle Sales Representative 441-247-1819 Agency rochelle2008.png 441-247-1819
Nikki's hotel management skills and overall hospitality experience are invaluable assets in her role as Real Estate Assistant to the President and Agency Manager as she is used to high quality client experiences and finding resolutions to situations in an actively changing industry. She is extremely motivated to anticipate needs and exceed expectations through excellent interpersonal, communication, and analytical skills. As a dual citizen between Bermuda and the US, Nikki's educational background includes studies from both The Ohio State University and Bermuda College having graduated with an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Hospitality Management in 2013 where she was also awarded a plaque for Most Outstanding Hospitality Management Student. Nikki is an active member of the community and enjoys volunteer work having been a BHI (Bermuda Hospitality Institute) volunteer for 3 years prior to switching her focus onto real estate. She is a licensed real estate salesperson and an enthusiastic new member of BEPRO (Bermuda's Emerging Professionals), a certified BVA volleyball referee, and a member of the Bermuda Fry-Angle Aquarium Society. Her recreational interests include travelling, boating, fishing, and volleyball. Thomas, Nikki Real Estate Assistant 441-247-1805 Agency, Corporate nikki.jpg 441-247-1805

Susan brings twenty-five years of experience in marketing/advertising and sales to the Coldwell Banker Team. Hailing from the United States, she has served as an Account Executive for large and prestigious advertising agencies, as well as the Marketing Manager for Skytech Systems, a US manufacturer.

Since 1996, Susan has worked diligently with Bermuda Realty Company Limited to provide them with quality marketing materials. In 2001, Susan was appointed Agency Manager, in charge of both rental and sales activity. Susan has sat on a number of Boards including: Executive Board of the Chamber of Commerce 2009 -2013, Real Estate Division of the Chamber of Commerce Board since 2001; Real Estate Advisory Board since 2006. She is also a licensed Real Estate Salesperson.

Thompson, Susan Agency Manager 441-247-1802 Vacations, Agency, Commercial susan.jpg 441-247-1802
Makee is one of Bermuda Realty’s newest sales agents. He has been in the sales industry for many years and relishes in meeting new people, building relationships and helping individuals find what they are looking for. As a young Bermudian, Makee understands Bermuda’s unique cultural needs. He also graduated from Bermuda College with an Associate’s degree in Business. He developed his passion for sales whilst employed at Bermuda Gas. He served in many different departments and roles within the gas company, with sales being the most rewarding. Makee is excited to be in the real estate industry and helping people find their ideal homes. He promises a high level of professionalism, thoroughness and customer service for this thrilling endeavor. With the many resources provided by Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty he can assure you a worry free and smooth transition from start to finish. Tucker, Makee Sales Representative 441-247-1820 Agency makeetucker.jpg 441-247-1820

Born in Bermuda, Kyle attended Mount Saint Agnes Academy, and continued his secondary education at Full Sail University in Florida, where he studied Entertainment Business. After graduation, Kyle pursued a career in entertainment business, working behind the scenes with the likes of Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Katy Perry.

He later decided to pursue a career in the real estate industry, obtaining his license in October of 2014. In his spare time Kyle enjoys reading literature on self-improvement and business strategy, which he channels into new ideas on how to improve his business presence.

His favorite books include Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Swarchtz, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and The Narrow Road by Felix Dennis.

Wade, Kyle Real Estate Agent 441-247-1807 Agency kwade.png 441-247-1807
Ed graduated from C. W. Post College of Long Island University and has a degree in Visual Communications & Marketing. After graduating from College, he worked in Advertising for 5 years and then spent 5 years as the Executive Director of a Political Organisation. He later became Marketing Manager of a leading freight Forwarding Company assisting this company to expand its reach in shipping worldwide. For the past 16 years Ed served as the Business Development Manager of the West End Development Corporation where he assisted in moving the Dockyard from a development concept to one of Bermuda's most important destinations for visitors and commerce. He brings a wealth of knowledge in managing properties and meeting the respective needs of landlords and tenants. Williams, Ed Sales Representative 441-247-1822 Agency edwilliams.jpg 441-247-1822