Rental Services Assist Owners of Residential Property

Our rental experts can ease the stress that sometimes comes with owning residential rental property.

Strategic use of the team's rental services can provide a vital competitive advantage, especially for owners of rental property who choose not to take advantage of Bermuda Realty's comprehensive Residential Property Management service.

Find and Place Tenants

Finding a tenant to fill a vacant unit is important, of course. It's even more important to find a tenant that is responsible. And, since turnover eats into revenue, we work to make sure move-in day is the start of long, mutually beneficial relationship.

We draw from a long list of tactics to find the right tenants for your residential property.

  • Provide current information to Landlords regarding the rental market
  • Require prospective tenants to complete and application form containing relevant details
  • Screen and qualify prospective tenants with the Bermuda Credit Association; employers; and past references
  • Market rental units, posting them in newspaper advertisements and in Search Property
  • Schedule the showing of residential rental units, coordinating convenient times for prospective and current tenants
  • Conduct showings, representing your residential rental property professionally and courteously
  • Screen and qualify prospective tenants
  • Streamline negotiation for residential rental property owners and hopeful tenants

Setting Rent Based on Sound Market Analysis

When it comes to rental value, we offer a smarter alternative to trial and error. The insightful market analysis from Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty is presented in a clearly written report and includes an assessment of your property's value as well as market comparables. Use it to arrive at a rental rate that is fair to tenants and profitable for you.

Lease Preparation

Sometimes when a lease is up for renewal, landlords with whom we have an ongoing relationship call on us to assist with lease preparation. Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty's participation ensures proper and professional execution of standard leasing agreements.

Contact Bermuda Realty Rental Services now to help ensure the ongoing occupancy of your residential rental property.

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