Sell Your House, Townhouse or Condominium

Sell your home, backed by the resources of Bermuda's largest, full-service real estate firm. Whether you want to sell a single-family house, townhouse or condominium, our professional guidance proves essential no matter what the condition of Bermuda's real estate market.

A cooler real estate market demands the use of tricks of the trade such as precise targeting of your buyer and setting a price that shortens time-on-market while maximizing your return.  

But don't let a hot real estate market make it look easy. Even a home that sells quickly and at a high price may not have netted the best possible return. Frenzied real estate markets also demand experienced, cooler, heads to add value, objectively evaluate all offers and increase your return even more.    

Rely on Bermuda Realty's professionals to:

  • Employ marketing tactics and sales materials that include inserts in the Bermuda Royal Gazette and postings on this website
  • Reach out to a pool of prospects that includes international buyers (where appropriate).
  • Engage appraisers who, as part of Bermuda Realty, never lose sight of the sellers' interests

Contact Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty now to learn how work for the best possible outcome, no matter the shape of the market.

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