Selling Residential and Commercial Real Estate

From city centre studio apartments to oceanfront luxury homes. From townhouses to warehouses. From office buildings to shopping malls. There's a buyer who thinks it's perfect. Coldwell Banker Realty knows how to find them.

Sell Residential Real Estate

Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty propels the sale of your home forward, backing you with the experience and the force of Bermuda's largest, full-service real estate firm. The size and scope of Bermuda Realty means we're involved in 35 percent of the island's property sales. And, the experience that comes from all those home sales helps us sell 96 percent of the properties we list, giving us a list-to-sell ratio that's the envy of the industry. This rate of success, plus a long list of other advantages, lets us offer our Service Guarantee with complete confidence. More

Sell Commercial Real Estate

Even with Bermuda's status as a destination for expanding international corporations and its robust local economy, you can maximize this advantage when selling commercial real estate. Whether originally purchased as an investment or to serve as business headquarters, rely on Coldwell Banker Commercial to get a maximum return on the sale of your commercial property. More

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